• First-timer Day 1
    First-timer Day 1Enjoy the Day 1 in NahaThe first trip to Okinawa. “Shurijo Castle, Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, there are places I want...
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  • First-timer Day 2
    First-timer Day 2Let’s go to Northern Okinawa on Day 2! Covering from the West Coast where resort hotels are lined up to Kori Island c...
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  • Central Okinawa
    Central OkinawaLet’s enjoy the unique local experience by taking a course that explores Central Okinawa. When it comes to Okinawa, it ...
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  • Southern Okinawa
    Southern OkinawaThere are many legends about the beginning of Ryukyu in Southern Okinawa, and the nature behind the stories still rema...
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  • Naha
    NahaNaha is an entrance of Okinawa and a first place to visit since Naha Airport is located. For the first-timers, a travel plan withi...
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  • Northern Okinawa by Bus
    Northern Okinawa by BusYou can enjoy a fast drive with a rental car to reach your destination quickly, but a leisurely bus trip is als...
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  • Shopping area
    Shopping areaShopping in Okinawa is one of the attractive activities for tourists, as there are well-known domestic and international ...
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  • First-timer Day 3
    First-timer Day 3The final day of the trip. While remembering the beautiful view of Okinawa, head to Naha City from Northern Okinawa. ...
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  • Northern Okinawa
    Northern OkinawaNorthern Okinawa called “Yanbaru” is the rich nature scenery area. Although it takes 2 hours by car using an express w...
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Website Renewal

Be Okinawa, an Okinawa tourism website, has undergone a renewal. It has been redesigned to provide easier access from around … Read More

Wi-Fi test

Free Wi-Fi Spots in Okinawa Authentication is required for Wi-Fi internet connection in Japan. At various free Wi-Fi areas you … Read More


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