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From mid-15th century for approximately 450 years, there was a kingdom centering on Shurijo Castle inOkinawa. “Gusuku Sites and Related Properties of the Kingdom of Ryukyu” was registered asUNESCO’ s World Heritage Sites in 2000, and it was developed independently as an island nationinfluenced by Asian countries and Japan. The kingdom also developed its own culture and belief. Bywatching castle ruins and architectural style, you can learn about the historical background of RyukyuKingdom and the wisdom of Ryukyuan people.

  • 8. Shikinaen - Shikinaen Royal Garden
    8. Shikinaen -Shikinaen Royal Garden-Reason Why the Garden Was BuiltShikinaen Royal Garden was the second residence for the royal fami...
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  • 9. Sēfa-utaki
    9. Sēfa-utakiThe Best Sacred Place in Ryukyu KingdomUtaki both a sacred place and a place of prayer. Sefa Utaki was the highest-rankin...
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  • 7. Sonohyan-utaki Ishimon - Sonohyan-utaki Stone Gate
    7. Sonohyan-utaki Ishimon (Sonohyan-utaki Stone Gate)Stone Gate for Prayer for National Security and ProsperitySonohyan-utaki Stone Ga...
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  • 6. Tamaudun - Tamaudun Royal Mausoleum
    6. Tamaudun (Tamaudun Royal Mausoleum)Mausoleum of the Kings of the Ryukyu KingdomThe Tamaudun Royal Mausoleum is the mausoleum where ...
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  • 5. Shuri-jô site - Shurijo Castle Park
    5. Shuri-jô site (Shurijo Castle Park)Castle Which Symbolizes the Glory of the Ryukyu KingdomShurijo Castle was the kings’ castle afte...
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  • 4. Nakagusuku-jō site - Nakagusuku Castle Remains
    4. Nakagusuku-jō site (Nakagusuku Castle Remains)Castle of Gosamaru, the Great Commander Who Lived in a Disturbed EraNakagusuku Castle...
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  • 3. Katsuren-jō site - Katsuren Castle Remains
    3. Katsuren-jō site (Katsuren Castle Remains)Old Castle on a Rocky HillThe Katsuren Castle Remains are a “Teikaku-shiki” style castle ...
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  • 2. Zakimi-jō site - Zakimi Castle Remains
    2. Zakimi-jō site (Zakimi Castle Remains)A Fortified Castle which Contributed to Stability of the Ryukyu KingdomZakimi Castle was buil...
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  • 1. Nakijin-jō site - Nakijin Castle Remains
    1. Nakijin-jō site (Nakijin Castle Remains)The Castle of the Lord of Hokuzan During Sanzan PeriodBack in the old days, there was a civ...
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