Transportation in Okinawa

Transportation Transportation in Okinawa

Getting Around

In Okinawa where there are many sightseeing spots, transportation is important. Okinawa doesn’t have any trains, and apart from public transportation such as monorail, bus, and taxi, they also have rental vehicles: cars, motorcycles, and bicycles. Make sure to check which places you want to visit ahead of time, so you can enjoy your Okinawa tour using different modes of transportation.

  • Relocation of Naha bus stop locations
    Relocation of Naha bus stop locationsRelocation of Naha bus stop locations due to the temporary closing of the Naha Bus TerminalRedeve...
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  • Traffic rules
    Traffic rulesTraffic Rules in JapanLeft-Hand TrafficJapan is one of the rare countries that carry traffic on the left. Traffic LightsY...
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  • Rental car
    Rental CarGet around easily with a car rentalIt’s a general form of transportation, since many people drive in Okinawa. Since you won’...
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  • Taxi
    TaxiTaxi fares cheaper than Mainland, JapanTaxis that will take you to your destination smoothly. Okinawa taxis are cheaper compared t...
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  • Monorail
    MonorailThe First Monorail in Okinawa: Yui RailThe monorail (YuiRail) that travels through Naha city, starts at Naha Airport Station, ...
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  • Rental Motorcycle / Rental Bicycle
    Rental Motorcycle / Rental BicycleMotorcycle and bicycle rentals are great for small adventures around townMotorcycles and bicycle ren...
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  • Access to outlying Islands
    Access to outlying IslandsFrom the Main Island to Outlying IslandsAir RoutesSea RoutesFrom Outlying Island to Outlying IslandTransport...
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  • Bus
    BusBuses available as convenient means of transportation on Okinawa Main IslandMany types of buses run in the mainland of Okinawa. The...
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