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A. Yes. If you are considering a professional photo wedding in Okinawa, you must apply to the facility or venue in advance. If you proceed with the photography without permission, it is against the rules, and you may find yourself in an unpleasant situation. In order for you to obtain the best photos, we would like to introduce some local businesses that follow the necessary application processes and rules.
A. There are some facilities (chapels) and other venues that do not permit the use of balloons.

Have you completed your application for the chapel or other venue? If you plan to take photos in a chapel, contact the company and inquire about its balloon policy.

After completing steps 1. and 2. and receiving permission, please contact the OCVB. We would be happy to introduce you to a balloon vendor at that time.

A. You can visit a chapel if you contact the parent company and make a reservation in advance. When making a reservation, please give the date and time of your visit, the number of people visiting, and any other special requests. If you have to change your reservation date or time, please contact the company as needed.
A. We will find you a restaurant or hotel banquet hall that offers language support.

Please inform us of the following: your desired location (Naha, Chatan etc.), the numbers of adults and children attending, the style of cuisine (Japanese, Okinawa, Italian, buffet-style etc.), and your desired price per person.

A. When reserving a bus, it is necessary to make various arrangements with an agent who speaks your language.

If you arrange to visit Okinawa through a travel agency, that agency can most likely help you arrange the bus service as well.

If you are making arrangements to come to Okinawa without the help of a travel agency, please consult your hotel or wedding coordinator regarding the bus. Parking for the bus is also a consideration. Once you have made these arrangements, we would be happy to connect you with a bus rental service company.