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Motorcycle and bicycle rentals are great for small adventures around town

Motorcycles and bicycle rentals are popular transportation options, as they can get you to your destinations while avoiding traffic.
“Pottering”, which is taking a casual stroll with a bicycle or motorcycle, is also recently popular. There are many ways to enjoy such as looking at the beautiful sea, stopping by a store that looks interesting, or just looking for a place spontaneously, that you’re curious about.

Motorcycle & Bicycle Rental Companies

Rental Motorcycles

  • Paradise Okinawa TEL:098-861-5511
  • Okinawa Bike Motorcycles Inlink TEL:098-866-3507
  • Rental Bike Apuro TEL:098-852-8198
  • Majestic Girl TEL:098-860-7066
  • Okinawa Rental Bike Jasmin TEL:098-859-5653
  • Rental 819 Okinawa Toyomi TEL:0120-819-147
  • Rental Bike Route 66  TEL:098-869-6615

Rental Bicycles

  • Rental Bicycles in Naha TEL:098-955-3069
  • Paradise Okinawa TEL:098-861-5511
  • eRental Pottering TEL:098-963-9294
  • Bicycle Shop Okinawa Ringyo TEL:098-888-0064

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