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About overseas travel insurance

In case of injury or illness while traveling overseas, there is a possibility that you will bear the high cost of medical care seeking medical help. If you have not got an overseas travel insurance in your country, we recommend you to get the insurance which allows you to purchase after entering Japan.


Beware! Unlicensed Taxis are Illegal and Unsafe!

as of July 04 2017

Check the color of the license plate to be sure!

Unlicensed taxis have white plates, but legally-licensed taxis have green plates.
If you use an unlicensed taxi, you may be questioned by the police.

If you happen to be injured while you are in an unlicensed taxi, you may not be protected by any coverage of insurance!

Unlicensed taxis are not reliable in safety

Licensed Taxi , Unlicensed Taxi , Driver , Professional driver , Non-professionaldriver , Breath alcohol measuring check , Yes , No , Accident liability , Responsibility is on the taxi company , It’s up to the driver , Insurance coverage , ¥80 million or more for passengers , None

For a safe and worry-free trip, please use a legally-licensed taxi!

Okinawa General Bureau, Cabinet Office: