Before Diving

Every diver desires the shining deep blue sea of Okinawa. There is so much fun to experience such as the high transparency of water, the creatures and beautiful corals that only seen in tropical ocean and more. Here is information you will need when diving in Okinawa. Let’s learn to enjoy diving safely.

In Case of a Typhoon

The best thing to do is follow the instructions by the shop staff. Rough seas are already expected, although the weather looks calm right before the typhoon hit. The dive might be canceled due to the safety regulation, even if the sea condition looks safe to you.

How much does a dive cost?

It depends on each shop and the season, but the rough cost will be 11,000 – 15,000 yen for 2 dives (boat dive), 15,000 yen – 20,000 yen for 3 dives (boat dive). Some shops offer online booking discounts or membership discounts.

Diving Equipment

In addition to mask, snorkel, fin and boots, you can easily rent BCD and regulatorto enjoy diving in Okinawa. In order to dive safely, bring in a dive computer if you can.

How to make a reservation

The easiest and economical way to do that is booking a diving tour offered by travel agents. It is very convenient because a tour includes air tickets, accommodations, and diving. If you have a favorite diving shop, book a tour which provides only air tickets and accommodations, and contact the diving shop directly through online or by telephone to make a booking. Build your own itinerary by arranging air tickets and accommodations yourself. Furthermore, you also can save money by using LCC (Low-Cost Carriers) or a discount for early booking offered by airline companies.

Open Water Certification

Open Water Certification is proof that you obtain basic scuba skills and knowledge. You can make dives to a depth of 18 meters after obtaining this certification. In case you do not have, you can still experience the diving world by Discover scuba diving.
Depending on the dive sites, you will not be able to dive without an advanced license because of the depth of water and the swift current. Find your site to enjoy diving safely.