9. Sēfa-utaki
The Best Sacred Place in Ryukyu Kingdom

Utaki both a sacred place and a place of prayer. Sefa Utaki was the highest-ranking sacred place in the Ryukyu Kingdom. There is no artificial structure, the thick wood and bare rocks were admired as objects presented as God made them. Men used to be prohibited from entering here, and even the Kings were supposed to dress as women when they entered.

Place Where the Kingdom’s Spiritual Events Were Held

“Oaraori,” the inauguration ceremony of Kikoe Okimi – the highest-ranking priestess in the Ryukyu Kingdom – was held at Sefa Utaki. The ceremony featured a big parade. Priestesses from Shurijo Castle visited few Utaki sites to pray on the way to go to Sefa Utaki. Sefa Utaki was also considered as an important place for “Agari Umaai,” which is the pilgrimage for kings to visit each Utaki site and pray for the prosperity of the kingdom and the productiveness of grain. There are 6 spots to pray at Sefa Utaki, and some of the names are the same as the rooms at Shurijo Castle. These facts express the depth of connection with the kingdom.

Religious Morphology Based on Natural Concepts

After climbing up the stone-paved road called “Ujo-guchi”, which is constitutes the entrance to Sefa Utaki, there is a huge uplifted rock. This is the first place of worship, called “Ufuguui”, which means “a large hall”. After passing Ufuguui, “Yuinchi” comes up next. The fire of God which exists in the hearth is enshrined at this spot. Yuinchi is a name of a kitchen to cook kings’ meals. Finally, the innermost spot is “Sangui” with a triangle-shaped space formed where 2 gigantic rocks lean against each other. A pot is placed next to Sangui, used to receive dripping water from 2 stalactites. The water was used as spiritual water for New Year’s rituals.

The Myth of Amamikiyo and Sefa Utaki

The east side where the sun rises has given birth to many myths about the birth of the Ryukyu Kingdom. Consistent among all the myths, Kudaka Island is revered as a place where Amamikiyo, the creator god of both the Ryukyu Kingdom land and human beings, first stepped in. Kudaka Island is called the birthplace of the 5 grains and the land of God. The psychic power of Kudaka Island is gathered at Sefa Utaki which was admired as the most sacred place in the Ryukyu Kingdom. After going through the triangle-shaped tunnel of Sangui, there is a spot to pray to Kudaka Island, which is visible beyond the bushes floating on the East Sea.

Column|Appropriate Behavior at the Sacred Place

Sefa Utaki is still an important place for Okinawan people to pray. Unlike shrines and temples in Japan, you may feel awkward and wonder where to pray. First, position yourself at ease in nature and relax. Stones and tall rocks are meaningful objects, so it is prohibited to climb them or remove them. Please behave appropriately at the sacred place.

Facility Information

斎場御嶽 (Sefa-Utaki)
Address: 270-1 Chinenkudeken, Nanjo City, Okinawa
Sēfa-utaki Official Website

Tour Guide

Your guide will explain the myths, history of the Ryukyu Kingdom, and spiritual culture in regards to Sefa Utaki.
Required Time: Approximately 50 minutes (negotiable)
Inquiries: Midori no Yakata Sefa Tel: 098-949-1899
Business Hours: 9:00 – 16:30
Participation Fee: 2,000 yen each up to 10 people in one group (*100 yen more for each person if more than 10 people are participating)
Sefa-Utaki Guide Tour

  • Reservations are recommended
  • To prevent slipping, sandals are not allowed
  • Tours are conducted exclusively in Japanese

Car (About 1 hr 30 min)

Take Route 332 from Naha Airport, then turn right at the entrance of Naha Airport. Proceed on Route 331, then turn right at Meijibashi Crossing and enter Naha Higashi Bypass / Route 329. Turn right at Uema Crossing and proceed on to Route 329. Take Route 331 at Yonabaru Crossing and proceed toward Nanjo City. Walk about 8 min from Nanjo City Local Products Hall (parking lot).
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Monorail / Bus ( About 1 hr )

Take “Yui Rail” and get off at “Asahibashi Station”. Walk toward Naha Bus Terminal (5 min). Take Toyo Bus, Shikiya Line (#38) and get off at “Sefa Utaki – mae” bus stop. Walk approximately 1 min.

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