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7. Sonohyan-utaki Ishimon (Sonohyan-utaki Stone Gate)

In the wake of the fire at Shurijo Seiden, Shurijo Castle Park, namely the facilities inside the park including paid admission facilities, is subject to unscheduled closure from October 31.

Stone Gate Dedicated to Prayer for National Security and Prosperity

Sonohyan-utaki Stone Gate was built in 1519 and used as a prayer spot for the royal family. They prayed for a safe journey when the king went outside the castle. They also prayed here before embarking on pilgrimage and prior to the accession ceremony for the highest rank of shaman, called Kikoe Okimi. The stone gate is made from Ryukyu limestone, with the exception of the wooden door.

View Architecturally Magnificent Ryukyu Stonework

A design, often seen in Japanese and Chinese wooden architecture, is expressed with stone on the Sonohyan-utaki Stone Gate. The center part of its roof is high and features a smooth flowing curve. Also, an arabesque pattern was engraved on the center part of the roof, and flaming jewel and killer whale-shaped roof tiles are positioned on top. The arch door structure appears to be interlocked with the rock, but is actually elaborately whittled from the rock. Also, a perspective that gives an optical illusion has been used for the gate, making it very challenging to restore it to original condition.

Column|Wood Enshrining the God Linked to the Royal Family

The way of praying in Ryukyu is a little bit different compared to that of mainland Japan. Temples or shrines are not sacred places for people in Ryukyu, rather, sacred places are called Utaki, a place where a community’s Gods are enshrined. These Gods exist in rocks and trees, and each Utaki was formed naturally while enshrining Gods. Utaki are located behind Sonohyan-utaki Stone Gate, and the divided spirit of the legendary God on Iheya Island Tanoue no Sonohiyabu was enshrined here. Iheya Island is deeply connected to the Royal Family, and visitors to this spot are praying to the Utaki, rather than to the stone gate.

Facility Information

Sonohyan-utaki Ishimon -Sonohyan-utaki Stone Gate-
園比屋武御嶽石門 (Sonohyan-utaki-ishimon)
Address: near 1-7 Shurimawashi, Naha City, Okinawa 903-0816 (Located within Shurijo Castle Park)
Tel: 098-917-3501
Okinawa Shurijo Castle Park Official Website


Car (Approximately 40 minutes)

Take Route 331 from Naha Airport and drive toward the center of Naha City. Next, take Route 58 and turn right on Tomari Crossing. Go straight on Route 29 and drive toward Shuri.
*If you take “Tomigusuku – Nakachi I.C.” on Okinawa Expressway, get off at “Haebaru Kita I.C.” and take Route 329.

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Bus Route (Approximately 40 – 60 minutes)

  1. When riding the City Line (#1, 14, 17), or Outer-City Line (#46), exit the bus at the “Shurijō kōen iriguchi.” The Shureimon Gate is approximately a 5-minute walk.
  2. When riding the Shuri-jōkamachi Line (#7, 8), exit the bus at “Shurijō-mae.” The Shureimon Gate is approximately a 1-minute walk.
  3. When riding the City Line (#9, 13), or Outer-City Line (#25, 97), exit the bus at the “Yamagawa” bus stop. The Shureimon Gate is approximately a 15-minute walk.

Bus-navi Okinawa *General Information System for Fixed-route Buses on the Main Island

Monorail (Approximately 50 minutes)

Take Yui Rail at Naha Airport and get off at “Shuri Station”. Walk approximately 15 minutes.
*Route bus (Shurijokamachi Line #8) operates from Shuri Station. (Get off at “Shurijo-mae” bus stop, walk approximately 3 minutes, and you will be at Shureimon Gate)
Yui Rail Official Website


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