Beginners welcome! The staple marine activity
Check the 10 basic activities to enjoy the Okinawa sea.

Okinawa is know for its blue ocean, white sandy beach and glittering sun! You can experience abundance of nature and meet a variety of creatures in the ocean of Okinawa and it is amazing to spend a relaxing time at the beach looking at the shining surface of the ocean but why not experience and enjoy the water. Even for those who are worried about swimming, don’t be.

At the beach and marine activity shops in Okinawa, there are a wide range of activities that even a beginner can do that is safe and worry free.

Fly Board

A totally new experience of flying the sky with water pressure!
The water pressure is controlled from the jet ski so maneuvering is easy.

The new staple of marine activity you can experience at many beaches! Connect the hose to the jet ski exhaust port and by injecting the water discharged from the nozzle under the board, you are able to float in the sky. Because it requires balance it is difficult. If you practice and get used to it you will be able to fly for a few minutes at a height of anywhere between 3 to 5 meters. The moment you float like a cloud is truly a new sensation! Please give it a try.

*Please contact the activity operator as there are restrictions as to height and weight.


Take a leisurely stroll in the sky while looking at the glittering surface of the ocean.
Enjoy the vast 360 degree panorama of the beautiful ocean from a variety of angles.

An exciting marine sport where you can enjoy a stroll in the sky, putting on a parachute, rising to about 50 meters above sea level while being pulled by a motorboat. The beauty of the Okinawa sea, seen from the sky is incredible.
Putting on a parachute with a harness, you are pulled by a boat and rise high in the sky like a kite. Even for beginners or those who are unsure, you can easily try it out with a simple lecture from the instructor.
The body rises into the sky and you can experience the ocean and the sky becoming as one while enjoying the grand panorama that takes your breath away.

Banana boat

Banana boat that scampers the water surface at 20-30 kilometers an hour is a staple of all staples and you can experience thrilling speed that is beyond imagination.
The sensation of being shaken rapidly from side to side is like a water rodeo!

In a rubber boat resembling a banana, you are pulled by a marine jet or motorboat and you run through the ocean. It can seat anywhere from 3 to 10 people so you can share the excitement with your friends and as a group. That is why this is so popular.
It is thrilling when the speed increases. Sometimes you may get thrown into the water but do not worry because you are wearing a life jacket. Enjoy to the fullest the sensation of a thrilling ride that you don’ know what’s coming next.

Sea kayak

Sea kayak where you can feel the strange sensation of being one with the sea while enjoying the vast nature of Okinawa being blown by the salty sea breeze.
This represents a slow activity where you can enjoy the time moving slowly.

It is popular as a marine leisure that does not use fuel and hence very eco friendly and even a beginner with a bit of practice can master it, so anyone regardless of age can easily try it.

On a kayak the surface of the sea is so close and in Okinawa where the ocean water is clear, you can see the coral reef and the tropical fish while riding on the kayak. There are many tours such as one where you can go to an unpopulated island or explore the mangrove forest unique to Okinawa. With the tours, guides will always take you through the safest route so by the time you are out in the ocean you can manage the paddle easily and even beginners can relax and enjoy kayaking.

Maritime Athletics

Marine athletic that is so fun even an adult or a child will forget about the time.

Depending on the venue it ma be called water athletic, ocean park, aqua park and marine park and this is a new type of water park.
Various attractions such as slides, jungle gym, trampoline and seesaw are blown up with plenty of air so there is no worry of injury and because you are wearing a life jacket, there is nothing to worry. Of course, children but even adults can have lots of fun.

SUP (Stand Up Paddle)

New staple activity that marine fans all over the world are keen to try!
Basically, you do not go in the water so you do not get wet. If you wear something warm you can still enjoy it in winter.

You stand on a board with buoyancy that is more than 2 meters long and move along the water surface while paddling. It is a sport with a new sensation where people of any age can enjoy.
You paddle with your hands so unlike surfing you are able to move without a wave. In contrast, if there are waves, you can ride the wave like surfing so you can enjoy it in a variety of ways.
It feels similar to a canoe but because your eye level is higher, you are in a strange world, as if you are walking on water. People of all ages can enjoy this activity so we strongly recommend it for family travelers.


Because it is clear, you can easily observe the world under the sea!
Because you do not need a license it is popular with the young and old.

There are many followers of this activity, from the young to the old and it is the most popular marine activity in Okinawa. The things you need are only a snorkel, goggle and fin.
The idea is to put the snorkel in your mouth and concentrating on breathing with your mouth, relax and just float. Most of the coral reefs in Okinawa are located inside the reef (circular coral reef) and because there are not much waves, relatively speaking, if you put on a life vest, even those who are not good at swimming can enjoy it with a peace of mind.
Most of the beaches and marine shops require you to wear a life jacket. Think safety first by wearing such items like marine boots, gloves and rush guards.

Experience Diving

Even those who do not have a diving license can enjoy the underwater world.
Please experience the magical underwater world that coral reefs create.

As you know, normally scuba diving requires a license. There might be quite a few people who are thinking that it is a bit difficult to try out. There are some diving shops that have “experiential diving” that you can do easily without a license. An instructor will dive with you and support you all the way.
If you are hooked to the magical underwater world, then aim for a license.

Sea Walk

Just wear a helmet and enjoy strolling the bottom of the ocean.
You will be 5 to 10 meters deep and this is the depth you cannot experience by snorkeling.

Depending on the place, the names are different, such as sea walker, marine walk and ocean walk but they are all the same. From a boat, oxygen is sent via a tube and wearing a large size specially made helmet you can enjoy an underwater stroll. Different to diving and snorkeling, your face does not get wet therefore women do not have to take their makeup off and those wearing glasses can enjoy it as well. Because you walk the bottom of the ocean by breathing just like you do above ground, even inexperienced swimmers can take a stroll underwater with safety and security.


Okinawa, surrounded by ocean is a fishing paradise.
This is something even a novice or a little child can easily enjoy.

Fishing tours held by fishing shops and resort hotels rent out sets consisting of a fishing rod, traps and bates so you don’t need to bring anything. Catching squid with very little rocking of the raft is popular among individuals, families and women not keen on boats. Rafts floating near the fishing port are equipped with a tent and toilet and there are even places renting out barbeque sets.