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Miyagi Island

Destination Guide

With a 12 kilometers circumference, Miyagi Island is connected to the main island by a bridge to the reclaimed land of Henza Island and another bridge to the Katsuren Peninsula.
Miyagi Island is also known as “Takahanari” (“high above”), because it is higher than the row of adjacent islands, making it possible to look out over Henza Island and the Yokatsu (or Katsuren) Peninsula from 121 meters above.

Access to Miyagi Island

Uruma, Okinawa Prefecture
About 80 minutes by car (on the Okinawa Expressway, toll section) from Naha Airport
About 90 minutes by car (on general roads) from Naha Airport
Okinawa Expressway: About 35 minutes by car (on general roads) from Okinawa-Kita Interchange

Miyagi Island Basic Information

Area: 5.54km²

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