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Senaga Island

Destination Guide

With a circumference of 1.5 kilometers, Senaga Island is a small island located on the south side of Naha Airport. It is connected to Senaga, Tomigusuku City by Kaichu-doro (the Road Through the Sea). The island is very close to the airport, so you can see the arrival and departure of airplanes from up close.
Senaga Island also has hot springs, which are rare in Okinawa. Here you can enjoy and relax at an outdoor bath of natural hot springs while looking at the sea.
In addition, ‘Senagajima Umikaji Terrace’ is also a popular spot for food and desserts made with local fruits, vegetables and other ingredients sourced locally, as well as Made in Okinawa jewelry, craft shops and more.

Access to Senaga Island

Senaga, Tomigusuku, Okinawa Prefecture
About 15 minutes by car (on general roads) from Naha Airport
Okinawa Expressway: About 15 minutes by car (on general roads) from Tomigusuku Interchange

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