Aguni Island
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Aguni Island is located approximately 60 km northwest of Naha, Okinawa. The chalky white walls of volcanic rock that stand on the island serve as a reminder of its history as a volcanic island many tens of thousands of years ago and are but one of the attractions that can be seen only here among the remote Okinawan islands. This special product, “Aguni Salt”, is made in the northern part of the island, and you can take a factory tour. And Aguni Island is famous for being used as the location for the Japanese film “Nabbie’s Love”.

Access to Aguni Island

Flights: None
Ferry: Tomari Port (Naha) to Aguni Port (approximately 2 hours and 10 minutes by ferry)

Aguni Village Marine Section / Aguni Ferry
TEL: 098-862-5553

Aguni Island Basic Information

Area / Population: 7.64 km² / 770 residents

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