Ie Island
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Ie Island is located approximately 9 km northwest from Motobu Port of northern Okinawa main island. Because it’s only 30 minutes by ferry, it is a remote island that is popular for being easily accessible. The island offers an abundance of produce such as sugar cane, peanuts, brand beef ‘Ie Beef’, and more. A candy of brown sugar and peanuts is one of the popular souvenir. From the summit of Mt. Gusuku, known as “Ie tou tacchu”, approximately 170m high, you can enjoy 360-degree views of the stunning scenery. Every year, from the middle of April until the beginning of May, the island hosts the “Lily Festival on Ie Island”. At the lily festival, one million of pure white lily, Easter Lily and 90 varieties of lily from the worldare in bloom on a vast site.

Nyatiya Cave

Nyatiya Cave is a natural cave formation in the southwest of Iejima Island. During WWII, the caves acted as an air-raid shelter for many, so they are also referred to as the “1,000 People’s Cave.”

Iejima Lily Festival
Iejima Lily Festival
The Iejima Lily Festival is Japan’s earliest lily festival, held at the Lily Field Park. ...
Iejima Beachside Horse Park
Iejima Beachside Horse Park
Iejima Beachside Horse Park lets you go horseback riding while gazing at the majesty of Iejima Island’s waters. ...
Access to Ie Island

Airplanes: None
Ferries: Motobu Port (Motobu, Kunigami District) - Ie Port (approx. 30 minutes by ferry)

Ie: Ferry Ieshima/Gusuku
TEL: 0980-47-3940

Ie Island Basic Information

Area / Population: 22.77km² / approx. 4,780 people

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