Iheya Island
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Iheya Island is located approximately 33 km northwest of Cape Hedo on the northern tip of Okinawa Island, and is the northest inhabited island of Okinawa. The island preserves the original landscape of Okinawa with some of the most beautiful beaches in the prefecture and a nostalgic atmosphere. Iheya Island is called an ethnological treasure, and has a rich cultural background within Ryukyu history such as the “Unjami” Festival which welcomes the god of the sea and prays for good catches and many traditional rituals and events are still practiced there to this day. Also, legendary spots such as “Yagura”, the tomb of the ancestors of Sho Hashi (1st Sho Dynasty), who unified Okinawa, are scattered on the island.

Nento Hiramatsu Pine Tree

The Nento Hiramatsu Pine Tree is a symbol of Iheya Island and a national monument. This 300 year-old Pinus luchuensis, or Okinawa pine, has been selected as among the most noted trees in Japan. Its wide boughs are beautiful, acting almost like a natural parasol. The surrounding environs are maintained as Nento Hiramatsu Pine Tree Park, and you are welcome to enjoy picnics there.

Iheya Moonlight Marathon
Iheya Moonlight Marathon
The Iheya Moonlight Marathon is an event held each year on the Saturday falling closest to the harvest moon. ...
Access to Iheya Island

Flights: None
Ferry: Unten Port (Nakijin, Okinawa) to Iheya Island, Maedomari Port (approximately 80 minutes by ferry)

Izena Marine Section / Iheya Ferry
TEL: 0980-56-4265

Iheya Island Basic Information

Area / Population: 20.66 k㎡ / 1,200 residents

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