Izena Island
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Situated 27 km north west off from the Unten Port at Nakijin Village (Okinawa main island) in the East China Sea. The shape of the island is round and it has a coastline of 16.7 km. On this island, there are no poisonous Habu, which inhabit in Okinawa Prefecture. This island is deeply related with the king of the Ryukyu Kingdom, which is the founder of the second King of the Ryukyus Kingdom, and there is a lot of cultural heritage. The sea of “Futamigaura beach”, which was also chosen as one of the 100 beaches in Japan, is crystal clear and also known for its long beautiful white sand beach.

Traveling to Izena Island

By air: none
By ferry: Untenkou – Nakata (Izena Island) (about 55 minutes by ferry)

Izena Island Shipping Department / Izena Ferry
TEL: 0980-56-5084

Basic information about Izena Island

Area / Population: 14.16 km², approx. 1560 inhabitants

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