Kitadaitou Island
Destination Guide

Kitadaitou Island is located approximately 360 km east of Okinawa Island where it takes about an hour and ten minutes by airplane. The island is created by uplift of coral atolls, and is called the isolated island because there is no other island around. Kitadaitou island is also known for having the earliest sunrise in Okinawa prefecture. There are no ports on the island where boats can land, so luggage and passengers must be unloaded by crane truck. You can enjoy the untouched beauty of nature in many places on the island.

Traveling to Kitadaitou Island

Flights: Naha Airport to Kitadaitou Airport (approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes)
Ferry: Tomari Port or Naha New Port to Kitadaitou Island (approximately 15 hours by ferry)

Daito Marine Transport
TEL: 098-861-0515

Kitadaitou Village Port Office
TEL: 09802-3-6062

Kitadaitou Island Basic Information

Area / Population: 11.93 km² / 540 residents

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