Kudaka Island
Destination Guide

Kudaka Island is located approximately 5 km west of Chinen peninsula, southern Okinawa main island, measuring 7.75 km around. The island is revered as the island of the gods, is said to be the the Holy Land of Ryukyu that the Ryukyu god of creation, Amamikiyo flew from heaven and began to make nation from here. Within the sacred grounds there are some places where entry is forbidden, so please be careful, follow the rules and enjoy sightseeing.

Access to Kudaka Island

Airplane: None
Ferry: Azama Port (Nanjo City) – Kudaka Island, Tokujin Port ( Around 15 minutes by High Speed Boat, Around 20 minutes by ferry)

Kudaka Kaiun / High Speed Boat New Kudaka
TEL: 098-948-7785

Kudaka Kaiun / Shin-Tatsumaru
TEL: 098-848-7785

Kudaka Island Basic Information

Area / Population: 1.38km² / Around 260 people

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