Minamidaitou Island
Destination Guide

Minamidaitou Island is the sixth largest island in Okinawa prefecture and is located approximately 440 km east of Okinawa Island where it takes an hour and ten minutes by airplane. It is also located approximately 8 km from Kitadaitou Island. The island has shifted 3,200 km from its original location near New Guinea over the course of around 48 million years, and to this day continues to move approximately 5 cm a year towards Okinawa Island. The island is also known as the birthplace of rum in Japan.

Traveling to Minamidaitou Island

Flights: Naha Airport to Minamidaitou Airport (approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes)
Ferry: Tomari Port or Naha New Port to Minamidaitou Island (approximately 15 hours by ferry)

Daito Marine Transport
TEL: 098-861-0515

Minamidaitou Village Port Office
TEL: 09802-2-2003

Minamidaitou Island Basic Information

Area / Population: 30.57 km² / 1,250 residents

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