Minna Island
Destination Guide

Minna Island is located only 15 minutes away by high-speed ferry from Toguchi Port of northern Okinawa main island. Minna Island is a small island floating over a coral reef, measuring 4 km around. Its crescent moon shape gives it its alternative name of Croissant Island. Minna Island is surrounded by coral reefs, white sand beaches, and crystal clear azure waters. Marine activities such as snorkelling, parasailing, fishing, and such are enjoyed, but please note that the beach huts are only operational in the summer and that the island has no restaurants or shops.

Access to Minna Island

Airplanes: None
Ferries: Toguchi Port, Motobu - Minna Port (approx. 15 minutes via high-speed ferry)

Minna Kaiun: High-speed Ferry Minna
TEL: 0980-47-5179

Minna Island Basic Information

Area / Population: 0.47km² / approx. 39 people

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