Tonaki Island
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Tonaki Island is located approximately 60 km north west and about two hours by km ferry from Tomari Port, Naha city, has been selected as an important preservation district of historic buildings and there are still many original landscapes of Okinawa such as old houses of wooden red tiles on the white sand road, and villages surrounded by a line of Fukugi trees. When the sun goes down, a gentle light flashes along the village road, and the neighborhood turns into a visional atmosphere. It is an island where the abundant nature spreads, which is also designated as a prefectural natural park. Tonaki Island is formed from two islands, and it merges with the uninhabited Irisuna Island. Tomaeki village is the only village on the island with the smallest population in Okinawa Prefecture. During the winter – spring time, you can see whale migrating from the island.

Access to Tonaki Island

Airplane: None
Ferry Tomari Port (Naha city) – Tonaki Port
(1 hour and 45 minutes by ferry, 2 hours and 15 minutes by New Kumeshima)

Kumeshima Ferry / High-Speed Boat Blue Sky
TEL: 098-868-2686

Kumeshima Ferry / Ferry Naha
TEL: 098-868-2686

Tonaki Island Basic information

Area / Population: 3.56km² / 400 people

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