Tsuken Island
Destination Guide

The majority of Tsuken Island, measuring approximately 7km around, is covered in carrot fields, giving the island its alternative name of Carrot Island. This special product, “Tsuken carrot”, has a high valuation on its quality and sugar content. It is often shipped out of the prefecture, please try and taste in Tsuken Island during the harvest season from February to May. On the island, visitors can enjoy beautiful beaches, fun water sports and barbeques.

Access to Tsuken Island

Airplanes: None
Ferries: Heshikiya Port (Katsuren Peninsula, Uruma) - Tsuken Port (approx. 30 minutes by ferry)

Katsuren Kaiun: New Tsuken
TEL: 098-978-7888

Tsuken Island Basic Information

Area / Population: 1.88km² / approx. 520 people

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