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Noho Island

An Island With Large and Thriving Table Coral Colonies

Noho Island is a location where a significant amount of untouched wildlife remains. In the beautiful ocean with high transparency, some of the largest colonies of table coral in Okinawa have been discovered in recent years, and it has also become an increasingly popular location for diving. Before the completion of the Noho Bridge, connecting the island to Iheya Island, Noho Island was plagued by salt, which collected in the well water, but that is now all in the past. The salt made by Mr. Matsumiya, a salt artisan who is passionate about salt production on the island and has many fans throughout the country, has become one of the local specialties that represent the island. The delicious salt has been attributed to the truly stunning sea surrounding Noho Island.

Sea of Colorful Coral Where Unspoiled Nature Remains.

As there are fewer tourists compared to the main island of Okinawa, much of the nature on Noho Island remains untouched. Between Iheya Island and Noho Island, there are still dense colonies of coral in the heavenly ocean where visitors can enjoy diving with an array of sea creatures. In recent years, some of the largest table coral in the prefecture have been found in the waters off the island.

Find Various Salts from Around the World! Try "Salt Cruising" on Noho Island.

Ken and Sayuri Matsumiya, a married couple, traveled to more than 30 countries to visit salt production sites, and they decided upon Noho Island as the place to make the best salt possible. Not only producing salt, the couple also runs the Museum of Salt from Around the World, where they have on display amazing salt crystals, in addition to colorful rock salts, an array of salts from various regions across the globe and they also introduce various salt production sites along with photos. This is a must-see museum that gives a comprehensive introduction to salt, something that has been essential throughout human history.

Overlooking the Beautiful Sea, Mountains, and Villages of Noho Island and Iheya Island.

When crossing the Noho Bridge from Iheya Island, you can see the Noho Park Observatory. From this observation deck, which is situated in the village, you can see not only the mountains of Iheya Island, Noho Bridge, and the villages and sea of Noho, but also the neighboring Izena Island. The observation deck gives you a spectacular 360-degree panorama of nature, and you can observe vivid gradations in the sea, white sand beaches, and rustic villages that spread beyond the trees. Noho Island is a place where you will encounter amazing scenery as far as the eye can see, somewhere you will want to capture on camera so you can take the memories home.

Access to Noho Island

By air : None
By sea : If going to Noho Island across the bridge from Iheya Island
Unten Port (Nakijin Village, Okinawa Main Island ) – Maedomari Port (Iheya Island): About 80 minutes by ferry
Cross by ferry from Izena Island to Noho Port
Uchibana Port (Izena Island) – Noho Port (about 20 minutes)

Basic information on Noho Island

Area / Population: 1.06 km² / About 100 people

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