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Tonaki Island

A Fascinating Island with a Nostalgic and Friendly Atmosphere

Tonaki Island is located about 58kilometers northwest of the main island of Okinawa. On the island remain traditional scenes of old Okinawa, such as traditional houses with red tile roofs, groves of fukugi trees, and limestone walls, and the entire village has been designated by the national government as an Important Preservation District for Groups of Historic Buildings. Tonaki Island is a peaceful place where doors are often left unlocked, leading some to refer to it as the “doorless island.” The nostalgic and friendly atmosphere that envelopes the island is a unique feature of Tonaki Island. Because the island has not been developed for tourism, Tonaki Island offers a very unique experience, captivating those who visit.

An Island Where the Authentic Scenery of Okinawa Remains

The fukugi trees are positioned to mitigate strong winds passing through the narrow and winding passages, as well as dull the intense sunlight. Past the meticulously stacked limestone walls lie traditional houses with a red tile roof that was built over 100 years ago. Tonaki Island is a location that offers the unspoiled views of old-fashioned Okinawan homes. The “Asaokikai” (Early Bird Gathering) is a gathering of children responsible for sweeping the white sandy streets, and has been a long-lived tradition on Tonaki Island for over 100 years. Not only is the landscape of the island and unspoiled scenery of Okinawa treasured, but also shows the sense of community on the island that values human connection.

An Island Where Wild Sea Turtles Can Be Observed

On Tonaki Island, surrounded by coral reef, there is a high probability of encountering sea turtles just by simply walking around the harbor, and they can be observed from land, without even diving into the ocean. At high tide, you can even see the sea turtles from the roadside along the coast, and they sometimes appear near the aquafarms as well, looking for their preferred asa (aosa) seaweed. You may even be lucky enough to see them come up to the sea surface to take a break and find your eyes meeting, it will make for a wonderful memory of Tonaki Island.

  • [Photo: Ritohaku]

A Fantastic Moment Illuminated by Footlights

The footlights on Tonaki Island have become a very popular tourist attraction. The footlights installed along 800 meters of Village Road, extending from the village office to Agarihama Beach, light up  simultaneously at dusk, and gently illuminate the white sandy road in a nostalgic way. In addition to ensuring nighttime safety, the footlights have been installed in place of street lights as to not disrupt the view of the starry sky at night, a wonderful experience that only those staying on the island can savor.

Access to Tonaki Island

By air : None
By sea : Tomari Port (Naha city) – Tonaki Port (115 minutes by ferry)
Kanegusuku Port (Kume Island) – Tonaki Port (80 minutes by ferry)

Tonaki Island Basic information

Area / Population: 3.56km² / 400 people

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