Aka Island
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Aka Island is a part of the Kerama region, measuring approximately 11 km around. Most of the villages except for the village that faces Aka Port are covered with forests, and a large number of natural monument “Keramajika” live on the island. Nishihama Beach, the long beach that Aka Island is known for, is a popular snorkeling spot where you can see a coral reef and tropical fish. The island is also famous for being the location where “Marilyn ni Aitai” was filmed.

Kerama Shoto National Park

On March 5, 2014 (Coral Day), this was designated as the 31st national park. The majority of this national park consists of a marine landscape, featuring highly transparent ocean waters, a diverse and rich concentration of coral reefs, breeding grounds for the humpback whale, white sand beaches, sea cliffs with unique flora, a range of vistas with the ocean and land interlinked, and much more. Excellently positioned just 35-50 minutes by speedboat from mainland Okinawa (Tomari Port, Naha), the transparent blue waters, called the “Kerama Blue,” are where you can enjoy diving and snorkeling in summer, and whalewatching in winter.

Shiro Statue / Marilyn Statue

Shiro and Marilyn, a Japanese film released in 1988, tells the story of how the male dog Shiro swam three kilometers across a strait between Aka Island and Zamami Island to meet his love, Marilyn. Akajima is home to the Shiro statue, while Zamami is where the Marilyn statue is installed. Still today, they both look out onto the ocean, thinking of each other.

Nishibama Beach
Nishibama Beach
Nichibama Beach has beautiful views looking out onto the bay of the Kerama Islands. ...
Access to Aka Island

Airplane: Naha Airport to Kerama Airport (Around 20 minutes) Charter Plane
Ferry: Tomari Port – Zamami Port (Around 50 minutes by high-speed boat, around 1 hour and 30 minutes by ferry)

Zamami Village Boat Division / Queen Zamami
TEL: 098-868-4567
Zamami Village Boat Division / Ferry Zamami
TEL: 098-868-4567

Aka Island Basic Information

Area / Population: 3.82km² / Around 270 people

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