Kume Island
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Kume Island is situated 100 km west of Okinawa Main Island in the East China Sea. To central of this region, it takes approximately 30 minutes from Naha by plane. Here, you can see magnificent works of art only nature can create. “Hate-no Hama” is an island of only white sand beaches created by corals and is called “No.1 shoal in the Orient” . “Tatami Ishi” is lined with “turtle shell rocks” and the finest never-ending white sand can be seen at “Eef Beach”. Another feature of this region are the many special products such as “Kumejima Tsumugi”, a famous textile, said to be the root of tsumugi textile and the nationally famous Awamori spirit, “Kumejima no Kumesen” which is made with spring water. Lodging facilities are enriched with the relaxed island atmosphere, these islands are visited by many long stay tourists. There is also a ferry route from Naha to Kumejima via Tonaki Island, so you can enjoy two islands if you stay for 1 night on Tonaki Island.

Mifuga Rock

Mifuga Rock can be found on the Yamatodomari Coast. It is an unusual rock formed through erosion from water and the tide.

Bade Haus

To the east of Kumejima Island, on Ojima Island, is Bade Haus Kumejima, a resort that lets you experience the rich natural environs of Kumejima. The pools make use of 100% deep ocean water, and you can enjoy a massage or “aqua stretching.” No reservation is required, and you can rent bathing suits, making it a convenient tourism destination.

Tiger prawn

Since around 1985, Kumejima Island has engaged in tiger prawn aquaculture. Shrimp goes to market from November through May of the next year. The deep ocean waters of Kumejima Island come from 612 meters below ground and are free of land and air pollution, producing a very pure and high-quality water. Even in the heat of Okinawa’s summer, the deep ocean water is cool, and it contains a wealth of minerals not found on the upper layers of the water. This allows for breeding a safe and delicious type of tiger prawn. Today, the area boasts the highest production volume in all of Japan. If you come to Kumejima Island, you must give them a try.

Kumejima silk
Kumejima Tsumugi
Kumejima Tsumugi is said to be the birthplace of pongee silk. ...
Kumejima firefly
Kumejima firefly
The Kumejima firefly is a rare form of firefly that only inhabits Kumejima Island and is an Okinawan protected species. ...
Hatenohama is a narrow 7-kilometer long beach along the east side of Kume Island. ...
Tatami Ishi
Tatami Ishi
Kigan-gun is a series of odd-shaped rocks designated as the prefectural government along the south coast of Nishi-Ou Island, east of Kume Island. ...
Eef Beach
Eef Beach
Eef Beach is a representative beach of Kume Island. ...
Access to Kume Island

Airplane: Direct flights from Tokyo (In operation between July 17th ~ August 31st)
Naha airport > Kume Island airport (approx 30 mins).

Ferry: Tomari Port, Naha > Kanegusuku Port, Kume Island (approx 3~4 hours by ferry).

Kume Shosen / Ferry Ryukyu: New Kumeshima
Tel: 098-868-2686

Kume Island Basic Information

Size / Population: 59.11km² / approx population of 8,228 people.

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