Kurima Island
Destination Guide

Kurima Island is located south west of Miyako Island which is connected with Miyako Island by the 1,690 meter-long Kurimaohashi bridge.This island is recommended as a sightseeing spot because of its easy access which takes only 20 minutes from Miyako Island by car.
Kurima Island is occupied mostly by fields such as sugarcane and leaf tobacco besides the village on the east side of the island. In contrast to the cliff wall on the east side, a gentle coastline continues on the west side and a beautiful white sand beach spreads. On the other side, Maehama Beach is spreading and you can see the beautiful coral reef sea and the pure white sand beach.

Access to Kurima Island

Flights: None
Ferry: None

Kurima Island Basic Information

Area / Population: 2.84km² / ~165 people

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