Tarama Island
Destination Guide

Tarama Island is located approximately 62 km from Miyakojima, situated almost perfectly in the middle between Miyakojima and Ishigaki Island. The periphery of the island is mostly beaches due to its flat terrain, and the island is very beautiful with endlessly extending beaches and crystal clear seas. This flower petal-shaped island is famous for its traditional fried snack called “panapanbin”, made of flour, milk, and eggs. This treat’s old-fashioned, nostalgic flavor has made it a popular item with both the locals and tourists alike.

Access to Tarama Island

Flights: Miyako Airport to Tarama Airport (approximately 20 minutes by Ryukyu Air Commuter)

Ryukyu Air Commuter
TEL: 0120-25-5971

summer -Hirara Port (Miyakojima) to Maedomari Port  (approximately 2 hours by ferry)
winter -Hirara Port (Miyakojima) to Futenma Port (approximately 2 hours by ferry)

Tarama Marine Transport
TEL: 0980-72-9209

Tarama Island Basic Information

Area / Population: 19.75 km² / 1,250 residents

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