Aragusuku Island
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Aragusuku Island, where there is no regular liner, is actually made up of two separate islands, Uechi and Shimoji, which can be crossed between on foot only during low tide. Long ago, it is said that one island has been separated into two, local is known as “Panari” because the two islands are separated. Long ago, it is said that one island had been separated into two and it is locally known as “Panari” because the two islands are away from each other. The seas around the island are famous for once being a natural habitat for dugong. The island is also known as the “Island of God” and is home to traditional holy rituals still practiced to this day which are never allowed to be filmed, also there places that are not allowed to enter. Please follow the rules and enjoy sightseeing.

Access to Aragusuku Island

Flights: None
Ferry: As there are no regular routes to the island, you can only travel there through a tour.

Panari Island Tourism TEL: 0980-85-4120
Anei Kanko TEL: 0980-83-0055
Uechi Kanko TEL: 0980-82-5418
FU-GEE Marine Service TEL: 0980-88-5800

Basic Information Aragusuku Island

Area / Population: 3.34 km² / 20 residents

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