Iriomote Island
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Iriomote Island is 90% covered by a dense semi tropical jungle, and because of its rich natural environment the entire island is designated as a national park, also is sometimes called the “Galapagos of the Orient”. The island is home to precious wild animals such as the Iriomote wildcat. In particular, the mangroves taking root at the mouth of the river, where the freshwater and seawater mix, is a symbol of nature on Iriomote Island. Because there are various creatures, plants and large and small waterfalls which can only be seen here on Iriomote Island, canoeing and trekking are especially recommended. “Hoshisuna no hama”, where you can find star-shaped sand called “Hoshisuna” is also popular.

Iriomote-Ishigaki National Park

Iriomote-Ishigaki National Park encompasses, of the Yaeyama Islands at the southernmost tip of the Ryukyu Islands, Iriomote Island; Ishigaki Island; the Sekisei coral reefs located between those two islands, and the other islands among the reefs; Hatoma Island; and Hateruma Island and its environs. Subtropical forests cover 90% of Iriomote Island, and the Iriomote cat and crested serpent eagle, among other rare fauna, can be found here. On the central-north point of Ishigaki Island is Mount Omoto, the highest point in Okinawa. Around it extend tropical forests. The waters are also home to the Sekisei coral reefs, Japan’s largest coral reefs, along with many other natural environs. There are a total of twenty zones designated as part of the park.

Iriomote cat
Iriomote cat
The Iriomote cat is a nationally protected species of cat that only inhabits Iriomote Island in Okinawa’s Yaeyama Islands. ...
Starsand Beach
Starsand Beach
Starsand Beach, at the northern tip of Iriomote Island, takes its name from the star-shaped sand (formed from foraminifer shells) found there. ...
Access to Iriomote Island

Airplane: None
Ferry: Ishigaki Port – Ohara Port (Iriomote Island)
(Around 35 minutes by high-speed boat, around 40 minutes by ferry)

Anei Kankou TEL: 0980-82-2691
Dream Tours TEL: 0980-84-3178
Yaeyama Kankou Ferry TEL: 0980-82-5010

Iriomote Island Basic Information

Area – Population 289.30 km² – Around 2,400 people

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