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Kayama Island

Fully Enjoy Your Freedom on a Small Uninhabited Tropical Island

Located 2 kilometers to the northeast of Kohama Island, with a circumference of roughly 2.5 kilometers, Kayama Island is an uninhabited sitting only 19 meters above sea level. While small it is special because it offers the kind of enjoyment that you would only be able to experience on a deserted island. Have the blue sea with coral reef all to yourself on a private beach and snorkel with schools of colorful tropical fish. You can also explore the interior of the island while searching for wild rabbits, or why not pitch a tent and look up at the starry night sky on the uninhabited island as you nestle into your sleeping bag. Since there is no regularly scheduled liner service, you will need to join a tour sponsored by a travel agency to get to Kayama Island. You can spend your time as you please. That’s what Kayama Island is all about.

The Island of Wild Rabbits

Around 500 wild rabbits live on Kayama Island. If you happen to encounter a rabbit willing to accept food from you, be sure to snap a photo with the blue sea in the background to capture the moment. Your experience interacting with the rabbits on Kayama Island will surely remain a treasured memory of time spent on this island of unspoiled nature like none of the other outlying islands.

  • [Photo: Courtesy of Miyahira Travel Agency]


Although it has no regularly scheduled ferry service, the sea surrounding Kayama Island has around 400 species of coral and tropical fish making it a great snorkeling spot. In the crystal clear blue sea, the scene of colorful fish living in the coral reef and swimming about resembles flowers blooming from within the coral. Certainly, one of the charms of this island is experiencing the breathtaking sensation of being surrounded by colorful tropical fish in the sea full of life.

  • [Photo: Courtesy of Hotel Miyahira Tour Desk]

Hassle-Free Camping on an Uninhabited Island

For an experience only available on an island lacking permanent residents, indulge in what an uninhabited island has to offer with the Hassle-Free Camping Tour on a Deserted Island where you get to spend the night on Kayama Island. There is a small but well-equipped camping facility on Kayama Island that is open for camping during the summer season (April – September). After enjoying marine leisure in the blue sea and spending time on the white sandy beaches during the day, you can unwind in the evening with the starry night sky watching over you.

Access to Kayama Island

By air : None
By sea : Tours and ferryboats are generally available

Kayama Island Basic Information

Area / Population 0.39km² / ~2 people

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