Kohama Island
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Because of its location in the center of the Yaeyama Islands, it is called the “Navel of Yaeyama.” You can enjoy the unique landscape of Kohama Island, such as the straight single-lane “Sugar Road” that cuts through the sugarcane fields and the Kokihara Gajumaru tree community. From the summit of Mt. Ufutake, which is the highest altitude on the island, you can enjoy 360-degree views of the emerald green sea and the islands of Yaeyama. From the “Uminchu Park”, where the observation deck in the shape of Manta stands, you can overlook the westernmost “Kubazaki”. In the western part of the island, which is the resort area, there are resort hotels and golf courses. Kohama Island is famous for being the filming location for the Japanese TV drama, Churasan.

Mount Ufudaki

Mount Ufudake is 99 meters above sea level and, from its observation deck, you can see a 360-degree panorama. Kohama Island is located right in the center of the Yaeyama Island chain. From here, you can see Ishigaki Island, Taketomi Island, Kuroshima Island, Aragusuku Island, Iriomote Island, Hatoma Island, Kayama Island, and, on clear days, Hateruma Island.

Haimurubushi Beach
Haimurubushi Beach
This beach is very private in feel and can be found within the Haimurubushi resort hotel located in the southeast of Kohama Island. ...
Access to Kohama Island

By air: no access
By ferry: Ishigaki Port – Kohama Port (about 25 minutes by high-speed boat)
Taketomi Port – Kohama Island (about 20 minutes by high-speed boat)
Ohara Port (Iriomote Island) – Kohama Island (about 30 minutes by high-speed boat)

Anei Kanko: Tel: 0980-83-0055
Yaeyama-Kanko-Ferry Tel: 0980-82-5010
Ishigaki Dream Tours Tel: 0980-84-3178

Basic Information Kohama Island

Area/Population: 7.85 km²/Approximately 570 people

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