Kuro Island
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“Kuro Island” which belongs to Yaeyama Islands, is known as a “cow island” where more than ten times as many cows as the population. Cows that grow up here will be shipped and be the best brand in Japan such as “Ishigaki Beef” and “Matsuzaka Beef”. It tastes so good that it became a topic at the Okinawa Summit dinner party in 2000. In late February every year, the “cow festival” is held on the island. Also, Kuro Island is called “Heart Island” because it is shaped like a heart when you see it from the sky.

Access to Kuro Island

Airplane: None
Ferry: Ishigaki Port – Kuroshima Port (Around 25 minutes by high speed boat, around 35 minutes by ferry)

Anei Kankou TEL: 0980-83-0055
Yaeyama Kankou Ferry TEL: 0980-82-5010
Dream Tours TEL: 0980-84-3178

Basic Information Kuro Island

Area / Population: 10.02 km² / Around 200 people

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