Taketomi Island
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Due to its location only 10 minutes from Ishigaki Island by high-speed boat, Taketomi Island is a popular travel destination. The townscape of Taketomi Island is designated as an important preservation district of historic building, and you can enjoy the original landscape of pure and beautiful Okinawa with white sandy road, red tile roofs, and a row of stone walls and bougainvilleas. Enjoy a leisurely tour of the island by sitting in water buffalo carriage.

White sand path and red tile roofs

The village is dotted with red-roofed homes and paths paved with white sand. The pure white sand is formed from the fragments of coral brought in from the coast. You will also find traditional red-roofed homes with stone walls, creating a beautiful contrast with the white sand. Okinawa’s classic architecture is preserved here.

Kondoi Beach
Kondoi Beach
This is one of Taketomi Island’s signature beaches. ...
Access to Taketomi Island

Flights: None
Ferry: Ishigaki Port to Taketomi Port (approximately 10 minutes by high-speed boat)
Yaeyama-Kanko-Ferry / High-speed boat TEL: 09808-2-5010
Anei Kanko / Anei TEL: 09808-3-0055

Taketomi Island Basic Information

Area / Population: 5.43 km² / 360 residents

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