Yaeyama Region

Iriomote Island is the second largest island after Okinawa main island. It is located approximately 450 km south west of Okinawa main island and is a part of the Yaeyama region where it takes about an hour by airplane. The Yaeyama archipelago is located 450 kilometers southeast of mainland Okinawa. With Ishigaki Island as its center, Hateruma Island, Hatoma Island and Yufu Islands, etc. belongs to the southernmost archipelago of Okinawa. In particular, Iriomote Island and Yonaguni Island are world famous. While Iriomote Island is covered by a dense ancient jungle and is home to many rare creatures, Yonaguni Island is famous for its mysterious seabed topography called “underwater ruins”. Moreover, several other islands feature traditional Okinawan style homes. These islands have inherited the traditions of the past to the present. In Yaeyama, time passes slowly in its own way, unlike mainland Japan and Okinawa.

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