Festival of the Southern Island Stars
Festival of the Southern Island Stars南の島の星まつり

Gaze up at the night sky full of stars at The Festival of the Southern Island Stars, held in an areas that was certified as an International Dark Sky Park*. This festival is held to give participants an opportunity to increase their scientific interest or awareness of the natural environment through spending time looking up at the night sky.

At this star-gazing event, the lights in the town are turned down, revealing a surprising night sky. Local artists also perform evening concerts. There are events for seeing celestial objects and tours of the meteorological observatory during the festival period, as well.

*Iriomote-Ishigaki National Park (northern Ishigaki Island and all of Taketomi) was designated an International Dark Sky Park by The International Dark-Sky Association in March of 2018.

Venue Painuhama Green Park (Lights-off Star-gazing Event & Evening Concerts), and other areas around Ishigaki Island
Fee Free
Parking Available
Website https://star-festival.amebaownd.com/