Honen Festival (Minami Daito Island)
Honen Festival (Minami Daito Island)豊年祭(南大東島)

These are Minami and Kita Daito Islands’ traditional festivals, held on September 22 and 23 every year to pray for a bountiful harvest. They are unique festivals with a mixture of Okinawan and Edo, the old name of Tokyo, culture. They feature floats, portable shrines, and sumo wrestling, which are unusual in Okinawa. On the first day of each festival, gorgeously decorated floats parade around the village, people carry portable shrines, and the island remains bustling into the night. The highlight on the second day is sumo wrestling, including Edo-style and local Okinawan sumo. Other events include Daito Taiko drum performances.
9/22 15:00~19:00
9/23 9:00~21:30

Date 2019/09/22 - 2019/09/23
Venue Minami Daito Village Office - Daito Daijingu Shrine
Fee Free
Parking None
Website http://www.vill.minamidaito.okinawa.jp/