Itoman Peaceful Illumination Festival
Itoman Peaceful Illumination Festivalいとまんピースフルイルミネーション

From the location that marks the end of the Battle of Okinawa, this event sends prayers for peace from Itoman City throughout the world with the use of illumination. While sending dreams and emotional support to the children of the 21st century, and passing along the message of eternal peace, this event, with the collaboration of the prefectural residents, creates a central location for the different regions and generations of the world to interact and unite.

Date 2019/12/20 - 2020/01/05 (18:00-22:00 ,12/31 18:00-24:30)
Venue Itoman City Tourist Farm (Uchina Farm)
Fee Paid
Parking Available
Note * Photo was taken last year. The specifications of the object change every year.