Moashibi Concert, a Koza specialty
Moashibi Concert, a Koza specialtyコザ名物 毛遊びコンサート
This event was cancelled.

This is an annual folk song concert held at night with a full moon, or on September 16 on the traditional calendar. Moashibi refers to an old custom of Okinawa. It was a gathering of young men and women, which typically took place in an open field. In Moashibi, they enjoyed singing and dancing to the music of sanshin, a traditional Okinawan stringed musical instrument. The Moashibi Concert features first-class folk song singers, who sing Okinawan folk songs on a stage designed with the motif of an open field. Awamori is offered for free to the audience.

Fee 1,800yen
Parking Available / Free