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Kumiodori “Manzai Tekiuchi”

Kumiodori “Manzai Tekiuchi”組踊「万歳敵討」

This event was cancelled.

Kumiodori is Okinawa's traditional performing arts that combines singing, music and dance. Kumiodori was registered as an important intangible cultural property of Japan as well as an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO.
In the first part, a commentary with demonstrations of highlights and points of viewing are introduced. In the second part, the audience can enjoy "Manzai Tekiuchi"—a story of vengeance, which is an easy story to be appreciated even for the beginners.
Please take this opportunity to experience Ryukyuan language, Ryukyuan music and Ryukyuan dance from "Kumiodori".

Venue National Theatre Okinawa
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