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Kumiodori Performance “Shushin Kaneiri”

Kumiodori Performance “Shushin Kaneiri”組踊公演「執心鐘入」

"Kumiodori", a traditional Okinawan performance art recognized as both an important Intangible Cultural Property in Japan and a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage practice, is comprised of chanting, music, and dance.
The first section offers a description and explanation of the performance, including highlights and key points so that viewers may more fully appreciate Kumiodori. The second section offers the chance to view Shushin Kaneiri, a piece by the Kumiodori originator Tamagusuku Chokun that is a welcome entry point for even those completely new to the art. Come and experience the world of Kumiodori, a performance that weaves together Ryukyuan dance, classical Ryukyuan music, and spoken phrases in the ancient Ryukyuan language.

Date 2020/10/31 (begins at 2 pm)
Venue National Theatre Okinawa
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