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Momoso Omono Mairi

Momoso Omono Mairi百人御物参

News about the Shurijo Castle Park closure

Momoso Omono Mairi is a religious process which makes rounds to worship the sacred sites (Utaki) within the Shurijo Castle and its vicinity. At each Utaki, the priestesses pray for the long life of the king and prosperity of his heirs, as well as for safe sea voyages, safety of the kingdom, and rich harvests. Experience the depth of Ryukyu Kingdom's world of religion and Shurijo Castle at the Momoso Omono Mairi, where the outer environment of men (omote) and the inner world of women (uchi) are brought together.

*Please visit the park by public transportation, as we are expecting severe crowding during the event.
Twice a day from 12:00-13:00 and 15:00-16:00

Venue Shurijo Castle Park