Okinawa International Carnival
Okinawa International Carnival沖縄国際カーニバル

As an event with an especially rich, international vibe from among the festivals held in Okinawa City, it is held over two days along the closed Gate Street, overflowing with an exotic atmosphere. The main event is the International Great Tug-of-War, where approximately 80-meter long ropes weighing about 10 tons are pulled by the roughly 2,000 participants, divided into east and west teams.
The Bike Parade, a parade of more than 300 motorbikes that fill the street, and other events are also held. You can enjoy a variety of foods from around the world at the food stalls.

Date 2019/11/23 - 2019/11/24
Venue Near Koza Gate Street
Fee Free
Parking None *Paid parking available nearby