43rd Okinawa Industrial Festival (Okinawa-no Sangyo Matsuri)
43rd Okinawa Industrial Festival (Okinawa-no Sangyo Matsuri)第43回 沖縄の産業まつり

This is the largest industrial event in Okinawa, which puts made-in-Okinawa products on display all in one place. Local companies proudly exhibit and sell products of all kinds and allows visitors to sample them. This festival attracts more than 200,000 visitors annually, during its three-day run. Why don't you try the locally-produced products and find a new reason to love Okinawa?

Date 2019/10/25 - 2019/10/27
Venue Onoyama Athletic Park、Okinawa Prefectural Budokan
Fee Free
Parking A dedicated parking lot is available, with a free shuttle service between the parking lot and the venue. Use of public transportation is recommended as road congestion is expected around the venue.
Website http://www.okikouren.or.jp/index.html