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    Празднование Нового года в парке замка Сюри
    Дата 2019/01/01 - 2019/01/03 (8:30~17:00)
    Место Внутренний двор напротив главного вестибюля замка Сюри и другие локации
    Справочная Cultural Event
    Веб-сайт http://oki-park.jp/userfiles/files/pdf/shurijo/shinshun_2019_en.pdf
    Okinawa Flower Carnival 2019
    Дата 2019/01/19 - 2019/05/06
    Место Throughout Okinawa Prefecture
    Справочная Flower Festival
    Веб-сайт https://www.visitokinawa.jp/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/OkinawaFlowerCarnival_2019_en.pdf
    Motobu Yaedake Cherry Blossom Festival
    Дата 2019/01/19 - 2019/01/20 (*Cherry Blossom Viewing Period: 2019/1/19-2/3)
    Место Yaedake Sakura-no-Mori Park
    Справочная Flower Festival

    【Request for Donations for the Preservation and Cultivation of Motobu Yaedake Cherry Blossoms】
    We would appreciate it if you could give a donation (500 yen for passenger cars and light vehicles) for the purpose of preservation of nature, providing visitors safe and clean environment and foresting cherry blossom and other trees in Yaedake area.

    Веб-сайт http://www.town.motobu.okinawa.jp/
    Nago Cherry Blossom Festival
    Дата 2019/01/26 - 2019/01/27
    Место Nago Central Park, Festival Square Special Stage (Sakura Park), Nago Crossroads Boulevard, Nago Fishing Port Premises
    Справочная Flower Festival
    Веб-сайт http://kanko.city.nago.okinawa.jp/
    Okinawa Flower and Food Festival 2019
    Дата 2019/01/26 - 2019/01/27 (10:00-18:00)
    Место Onoyama Park
    Справочная Others

    A temporary parking lot will be located on the west side of Naha Naval Port, but is expected to be crowded, so please use public transportation such as the monorail or bus services.

    Веб-сайт http://taxfree.okinawa/hanashoku/index.html?lang=en
    Nakijin Cherry Blossom Festival (Nakijin Gusuku Sakura Matsuri)
    Дата 2019/01/26 - 2019/02/11
    Место Nakijin Castle Ruins
    Справочная Flower Festival

    Traditional arts, Ryukyuan experiences, King and Queen Hokuzan commemorative photography event, and more

    Веб-сайт http://nakijinjoseki.jp/en/
    Yaese Cherry Blossom Festival
    Дата 2019/02/03 (11:00-17:00 *Illumination Period: 1/25 - 2/11 18:00-21:00)
    Место Yaese Park
    Справочная Flower Festival
    Веб-сайт http://www.town.yaese.lg.jp/yaese_sight/
    Naha Chura Cherry Blossom Festival
    Дата 2019/02/09 - 2019/02/10 (10:00~18:00)
    Место Manko Lake Park Central Fountain Square (on Kohagura Side)
    Справочная Flower Festival
    Naha Cherry Blossom Festival
    Дата 2019/02/20 - 2019/02/24
    Место Naha City Yogi Park
    Справочная Flower Festival