Earthquake, Tsunami, and Others
What to do in a Major Earthquake
If you are in a hotel
  • Stay away from furniture and glass windows, keep yourself low and protect your head from falling objects.
  • Do not rush outside. Falling pieces of glasses and tiles may hit you outside.
  • Open the door of your guest room to secure your evacuation route.
  • Stay there until the shaking stops. Then, follow the instruction of hotel staff.
If you are outdoors
  • Crouch on the ground and protect your head from falling objects.
  • Stay away from block walls, cliffs, coast, rivers and narrow roads.
  • Run to a nearby open space.
If you are driving
  • Slow down and park your car on the shoulder of the road. Turn off the motor.
  • Turn on the radio for emergency information.
  • Do not lock the doors, and leave your key inside when you leave the car.
  • Beware of tsunami; a tsunami may follow a major earthquake. If you are driving on the coast or near a river, take shelter by heading to higher ground or a tall building,
If you hear a Tsunami Alert
  • Immediately leave the coastal area and run to high ground or an upper level of a sturdy building.
  • Ask people around you where to run.
  • Check and see the evacuation route from your hotel room in advance.
  • Do not ever approach the sea until the tsunami alert has been completely lifted.
Check the Elevation
  • At major tourist sites, you find signs to show the elevation above sea level.
  • Make sure you reach a shelter high enough above sea level, when you are evacuated.
  • Check the elevation of the place when you are visiting a coastal area.
See the following for disaster information
  • In case of evacuation, act promptly and follow the instructions of hotel staff and local people.
  • Help evacuate someone who is in need of assistance, or ask for help from people nearby.