Jungle Adventures, Colorful Shopping and Memorable Gourmet Experiences

9:30 Depart from Naha Port

Naha Port, the gateway to Okinawa for many travelers, offers easy access to popular tourist attractions and facilities. From buggy rides that will make children squeal with delight to souvenir shopping and gourmet food that will please the grown-ups, here is a unique off-the-grid itinerary from Naha Port that the whole family will love. Whatever your idea of the perfect family vacation, Okinawa has everything to make your trip a memorable one.

↓ About 35 minutes by taxi

10:05 Gajumarunture - Jungle Buggy Experience(about 1 to 1.5 hours)

Discover the natural treasures of Okinawa in a fun and exciting way! The first stop is Gajumarunture, where visitors can ride 4-wheeled buggies through the subtropical jungle. Following uneven but mostly flat trails, this activity offers just the right amount of adrenaline and safety and is ideal for people of all ages. Children over the age of four can ride along with an adult, making this the perfect spot to visit as a family. Practice sessions are held beforehand with an instructor who will carefully explain how to drive the buggies, so even beginners can easily participate. But even so, if driving is just not your thing, you can choose to hop on a big 5-people buggy and let the guide drive you while you sit back and enjoy the ride. Children above the age of three are welcome to join the Jungle tours on the multi-passenger buggy. A guide will accompany you throughout the experience, leading you through lush vegetation and towering trees. One of the highlights of the tour is the Gajumaru, a giant banyan tree also known as the “Tree of Happiness,” which makes a gorgeous backdrop for pictures.

↓ About 20 minutes by taxi

12:10 MAJUN OKINAWA Itoman Store (about 30 minutes)

To fully enjoy your vacation, why not dress in authentic Okinawan style? MAJUN OKINAWA Itoman Store specializes in Kariyushi Wear, known as the Okinawan version of the Hawaiian Aloha shirt. Uniquely patterned with design motifs that express the culture and tradition of Okinawa, Kariyushi Wear is usually worn as business attire during the hot summer months. MAJUN OKINAWA offers high-quality Kariyushi Wear with a simple yet stylish design and impressive finishing to the seam, which can be worn for both casual and formal occasions. Kariyushi Wear typically feature short sleeves and an open collar, but MAJUN OKINAWA also has button-down collars and long sleeves, as well as ladies’ tunics and dresses and kidswear. With plenty of designs and styles to choose from, you will surely find your favorite Kariyushi Wear—and of course, matching outfits for the whole family!

↓ About 5 minutes by walk

12:45 Itoman Gyomin Shokudo (about 50 minutes)

After enjoying the outdoors and some shopping, it is time to sit down and treat yourself to a truly Okinawan gourmet experience. Known as a town of “uminchu,” which means fisherman in the Okinawan language, Itoman boasts a rich choice of fresh seafood and Itoman Gyomin Shokudo is the place that best embodies the local fisherman culture. A popular restaurant owned by a chef born in a family of fish brokers, Itoman Gyomin Shokudo offers a wide variety of creative dishes using fresh fish from Okinawa. The restaurant’s specialty and signature dish is “Today’s Imaiyu Cooked in Butter.” The fish is fried and then cooked in a special butter sauce, which makes it crispy outside and moist and tender on the inside. “Imaiyu” is the word for fresh fish in the Okinawan language and there are usually five or six seasonal fish available from which you can choose. Other must-try dishes are “Fish soup in an earthenware pot,” a rich flavored fish soup, and “Tuna and umibudo seaweed over rice with grated yam topping.” Covered with Ryukyu limestone, the restaurant has a quaint and stylish ambiance that will make your culinary experience even more enjoyable.

↓ About 5 minutes by walk

13:35 Roadside Station Itoman (about 1 hour)

What better way to learn about Okinawan culture than to visit a local market? Almost opposite the Itoman Gyomin Shokudo is the Roadside Station Itoman, a complex facility with multiple shops that sell local products, fresh seafood, and traditional crafts. With rows and rows of fresh fruits and vegetables, Umanchu Ichiba, the largest farmer’s market in Okinawa, could easily be called the Okinawan cornucopia. From familiar mangoes and pineapples to more exotic and unusual products, some of which unique to Okinawa, you will be amazed by the variety. If you still have room for a dessert, you can get some of the freshest fruit at very reasonable prices, but just strolling around and enjoying the colors and smells is a lot of fun. No travel is complete without taking home a memorable souvenir: at Itoman City Market Yukura, you can enjoy shopping more than 2,000 items, between Itoman’s quintessential goods and Okinawan specialties such as sweets, artisanal products, and awamori liquor. If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind gift, do not miss the “Chura Carrot Multi-use Dressing,” a specialty sauce made with sweet Itoman carrots and available only at Yukura. At the Itoman Fishing Cooperative Osakana Center fresh fish caught by local fishermen and seafood from all over Okinawa line the stalls. Let the children admire the bright colors of the tropical fish: it will be one of the best memories of the trip!

↓ About 25 minutes by taxi

15:00 Return to Naha Port

Posted on March 31th, 2021
Text by Silvia Telloni
Based in Tokyo with Okinawa in her heart, Silvia Telloni translates and writes in Italian, English and Japanese.

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