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Snorkeling Guide

Beginners friendly!The attraction of snorkeling in Okinawa

Compared to scuba diving, even the inexperienced can safely enjoy the beautiful waters of Okinawa by snorkeling. The ocean in Okinawa is clear enough to offer a view of colorful fish in shallow water, rather than going further offshore.

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Recommended Spots

Introduce some must-go snorkeling spots to experience the beauty of Okinawa! Since some shops offer tours to these spots, even beginners can enjoy snorkeling safely. Look into the beautiful undersea world.

Blue Cave (Okinawa Main Island)

This is a representative point of Okinawa, located at Cape Maeda, Onna Village on Northern Okinawa. You can enjoy the mysterious scenery of the blue cave that the sunlight seeps through rocks and reflect to the bottom of the sea. You can see Bigscale Soldierfish as well as a specialty of Okinawa, Ryukyu sweepers.

Blue Cave (Cape Maeda)

Hatenohama (Kume Island)

Japan’s one of the biggest shoal, 7 kilometers length from east to west, is on an offshore of Kume Island surrounded by corals. This is divided into “Hatenohama”, “Menuhama” and “Nakanohama” that most tours are taken to. You can enjoy beautiful corals and colorful tropical fish like Anemone fish swimming in front of you.

Hatenohama Image (Kume Island)

Yabiji (Miyako Island)

Japan’s one of the biggest coral reef area, which is called “Yabiji,” spreads Northern Miyako Island. It is about 17 kilometers from north to south and about 6.5 kilometers from east to west. The corals are usually located below the water’s surface, but they appear above sea level during a spring tide. Not only corals, but clownfish, Redfin Anthias are also must-see.

Yabiji (Miyako Island)

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