Hot Springs

Soak in the Hot Springs, While Viewing Blue Sky and the Ocean

The sunset arrives and transforms the colors of the beautiful blue seas and skies. The open-air, natural spa offers a great view of the landscape. At dusk, the stars begin to shine above, and the gentle sea breeze blows comfortably, cooling down the blushed cheeks. It will relax the stiff muscles and help heal the tiredness from travel. The natural hot water drawn from 1,000 meters underground and the magnificent location are the distinct characteristics of Ryuku Onsen Ryu-jinno Yu, at the Senagajima Hotel. The Hotel Orion MotobuResort & Spa’ s Jurassic Onsen Churaumino Yu, is filled with natural hot water brought to the surface from sediment layers deposited 200 million years ago, and has a view of the gorgeous emerald-green ocean. The Shigira Resort has various facilities such as an open-air bath surrounded by subtropical plants, a bath with a fine view, and a spacious “jungle” pool. The resort is home to a hot spring called Shigira Ogon(golden) Onsen, located at Japan’ s southernmost and westernmost point. For Japanese travelers, hot springs are an attractive aspect of a trip. In Okinawa, there are many attractive hot spring inns and hotels offering a delightful resort atmosphere of a southern paradise. Day visits are also available to experience the allure and relaxation.

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