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【Blog】Remote Island Day Trip!

A day-trip tour with Okinawa Grand Mer Resort to the remote Tsuken Island

Haisai! I’m Mahae Chan’s friend, Chimu the Shisa.
This time I went on a remote island day trip to Tsuken Island with the Okinawa Grand Mer Resort.

At 8:45 in the morning we gathered at Heshikiya Port in Uruma, a city located in the central part of Okinawa’s main island.

The tour staff gave us our tickets for the ferry and everyone cooled down in the waiting room and met up with friends while we waited for the departure.

Finally we boarded our ship, the “Ferry Kugani,” and it takes about 30 minutes to reach Tsuken Island! So close!

The ship is comfortable inside, with a sofa, TV, and air conditioning!

The weather was really nice on the day we went, and the scenery from the ship was fantastic.


We arrived at Tsuken Island!


After arriving, the staff takes everyone in a minibus and we head to a beach facility with a terrace.

As soon as we arrived, the view from the terrace was so beautiful that I could not help but gasp!

During free time, you can stroll around the island or relax on the beach and watch the ocean. There are also marine activities to try!

There are showers so that you can freshen up after playing in the ocean. ♪

After working up an appetite by playing in the ocean, I ate plenty of the meal that was included in the tour.♪
Lunchtime was an amazing all-you-can-eat BBQ!
Thick pieces of meat are cooked on the grill.

Eating the meat in front of the beautiful ocean makes it even more enjoyable.
I really want Mahae Chan to try it, too!

For an extra charge, the tropical desserts and drinks were also great.

There is also a hammock to take an afternoon nap! Ii-yanbe! (This means “feels good” in Okinawan). I relaxed until it was time to head back on our ferry, which departed from Tsuken Island at 15:00.


This is a relaxing tour where time seems to drift away, and even those who are not staying at the Grand Mer Resort can participate. If requested in advance, there is also a possibility of arranging tour staff who speak English, Chinese, and Korean. Please contact them!


A day-trip tour with Okinawa Grand Mer Resort to the remote Tsuken Island
Address 2-8-1 Yogi,Okinawa-city.Okinawa
Contact  Phone number:098-931-1500